CEQ - The book

Corporate Emotional Intelligence is a seminal work for business in the 21st Century, the synthesis and culmination of Gareth Chick’s 40 year corporate career.

It analyses how human behaviour is conditioned within corporate cultures, and how managers come to adopt unconscious controlling habits that are counter-productive and that create cultures of fear. The book introduces us to the Corporapath and the Corporate Hostage and to the unique anxiety disorder CTSD – Corporate Traumatic Stress Disorder, yielding a profound new level of self awareness for all corporate citizens.

Corporate success now requires a different kind of human intelligence: IQ + EQ is no longer sufficient. Leaders need highly developed CEQ, which is the ability to read, understand and then manage the psychological states and behaviours that are unique to corporate cultures, and the book outlines the 4 Pillars of CEQ. With a developing understanding and skill in CEQ, leaders will be equipped to implement a ‘Collaborative Equity’ form of Corporatism in their organisational design, their operating model and their culture, achieving a genuine state of shared ownership, shared responsibility and shared rewards.

Corporate Emotional Intelligence is the textbook for Leaders for the 21st Century. It will be published by Critical Publishing in October 2018