Hugely entertaining and provocative - with a powerful mission at it’s heart
— Matt Brittin, President, Google EMEA

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Corporate Emotional Intelligence is a seminal work for business in the 21st Century, the synthesis and culmination of Gareth Chick’s 40 year corporate career.

It analyses how human behaviour is conditioned within corporate cultures, and how managers come to adopt unconscious controlling habits that are counter-productive and that create cultures of fear. The book introduces us to the Corporapath and the Corporate Hostage and to the unique anxiety disorder CTSD – Corporate Traumatic Stress Disorder, yielding a profound new level of self awareness for all corporate citizens.

Corporate success now requires a different kind of human intelligence: IQ + EQ is no longer sufficient. Leaders need highly developed CEQ, which is the ability to read, understand and then manage the psychological states and behaviours that are unique to corporate cultures, and the book outlines the 4 Pillars of CEQ. With a developing understanding and skill in CEQ, leaders will be equipped to implement a ‘Collaborative Equity’ form of Corporatism in their organisational design, their operating model and their culture, achieving a genuine state of shared ownership, shared responsibility and shared rewards.

What people say...

“Disturbing. Exciting. Am I a Corporapath? Am I suffering from Corporate Traumatic Stress Disorder (CTSD)? Am I infecting others? …my family? How can I be the human leader I want to be in a corporate world? This book is ground-breaking, with profound implications for leaders, corporates and society.”    Ross Baker, Chief Commercial Office, Heathrow

 “Over the last ten years of knowing Gareth, building a relationship with him and now being able to call him a friend, he has been instrumental in my career and his coaching has touched me and everyone around me for the better. Follow Gareth’s advice and read his book cover to cover. His teachings will challenge your thoughts and your own behaviours, enabling each of us to bring the real “human” to the corporate world.”  Alastair Brass, Customer Services Director (Energy), Centrica Plc

 “Hugely entertaining and provocative - with a powerful mission at it's heart. Helping us to be happy, calm and productive in Corporate world of complexity and accelerating change. When the stresses of the workplace literally change how we're wired, we have to understand what's going on in our minds and in our hearts to make the best of the world of work.”   Matt Brittin, President, Google EMEA

‘’CEQ is a book about life, humanity and truth. Although I often found myself not wanting to agree with its provocative thoughts, I eventually did. Gareth holds up a mirror to the modern day Corporate as well as to us as individuals; the truth is sometimes shocking but in exposing it, there is hope that we can change ’’.   Simon Charles, Group HR Director, Succession Group Ltd and NED, Pluss CIC Ltd

This is a defining book from one of the world’s most influential, sincere and impactful leaders.  With absolute clarity, Gareth brings to life the complex connections between corporate structures, organisational culture and leadership behaviours.  He inspires us to lead with humility, honesty and integrity; not tomorrow - today.”   David Frost, Organisational Development Director, Total Produce Plc

“I didn't like Gareth the very first time I met him.  He made me uncomfortable.  He showed up my coaching skills for what they were - Average.  On reflection his feedback was blunt, but it was very specific and to the point.  It had the impact of teaching me more in that moment than I had learned in years.  However it took me two more meetings with Gareth to realise it.  From that point on, I sought out extra coaching with Gareth and came to really depend on him as a coach, a confidant and eventually a friend. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to work directly with Gareth, this book is a great opportunity to learn from him.  I don't remember Gareth ever answering a single question of mine with a direct answer, but he gave me the courage and the skills to answer them myself.  My coaching, my active listening and my understanding of the 'power of an open question' grew exponentially.  This book reminds me of many of those interactions, and has become my reference on leadership and coaching.”  David Geraghty, Director of Community Operations, Facebook

"Gareth's debut is fresh, innovative and thought-provoking; just like every coaching conversation we shared. Take the CTSD test and your first steps on a new path of self-awareness. Shared success is sustainable success, a not-so-secret ingredient for a happier and more balanced life."   Mick Hodgins, Managing Director, Google Marketing Platform

“This is an important book. As corporate leaders we witness, every day, ways in which our humanity and moral compass are challenged by the corporate environments in which we work; how pressure from all sides seeps into our consciousness and creates environments in which inhumanity and mental health issues can find space to fester. In this book, while pulling no punches on our responsibility as leaders for the disease, Gareth holds up a mirror to the corporate world. More importantly, this is an optimistic book, and one which does more than just highlight the problem - it also sets out real and practical solutions which are (for the most part) not reliant on a quixotic belief in a change in fundamental human motivations. It has been my great privilege to work with Gareth through both good and challenging times, and I know that the advice that he offers makes leaders perform better, more humanely and - perhaps most importantly - to enjoy the journey.  ”Seb James, President and Managing Director Boots UK and Ireland and Senior Vice President Walgreens Boots Alliance

“I wrestle daily with the twin demands of running an international company, and the people within it, to drive change in the way other companies do business. To unleash new and previously unforeseen ethical dimensions to what companies do. What lies at the heart of it all is deciphering how to enable people to get the best out of themselves. This is not so much about being smart as tapping into our emotional selves. This book is both psychological analysis and route-map for how to bring out the best in both teams and individuals. It is a book of extraordinary insight from someone with remarkable experience. Reading it might just help you change the way business does business forever.”   Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming and Visiting Professor, University of Winchester

"Having known and worked with Gareth over 20 years, if this challenging and thought provoking book has the same impact for a wider audience as his counsel and influence has in person, then the business world will be a more human but also a much more effective place"  Kevin O’Byrne, CFO, Sainsburys Plc

“Refreshing to read a book that doesn’t preach to you or ask you to make impossible change happen. What It did for me is challenge me on why I allow certain behaviours to exist in the business areas I lead and within the peers I work with” Jon Shaw, Head of UK Consumer Sales Channels, Vodafon

Corporate Emotional Intelligence is the textbook for Leaders for the 21st Century. It will be published by Critical Publishing in October 2018

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