Rachel Young


Rachel Young is a qualified and highly experienced Integrative Psychotherapist who uses aspects of Gestalt, Existentialist and Transactional Analysis modalities in her work and is a specialist in addictive behaviours and group dynamics. 

Rachel’s pioneering work in prisons, supported housing and community rehabilitation has achieved profound change in the lives of hundreds of people. Her appetite for continual learning, research and refinement of her approach and her interventions keeps Rachel at the leading edge of mental healthcare in the ever growing need for solutions in this field.

Rachel founded the addictions charity Special and Different, and the Banbury Therapy Centre in 2009, with the following Values:

“We offer universal access to therapy, which we promote as a positive and life affirming part of general health and wellbeing. We take care to make the environment welcoming, safe and energising. We champion autonomy, choice and respect for all who come through our doors, and we are proud of our Community of therapists, any of whom we would wholeheartedly recommend to a loved one”.

The Banbury Therapy Group celebrates its 9th birthday early in 2018, and has grown into a respected and valued local institution, with some 25 counsellors, psychotherapists and national organisations under its banner. As well as providing robust and ethical therapy to couples and individuals, the Group also has a flourishing gold standard Counselling Academy and a Continuing Professional Development arm. 

Rachel’s contributes to CEQ with her deep understanding of individual and group behaviour within corporate cultures and teams, and therefore in designing interventions that work on the fundamental psychology of sustainable behaviour change.