leadership Development

Training Programmes

We deliver proven and trusted training programmes to managers and senior executives, through both in-company and open programmes.

Coaching Excellence

A 2 day programme that changes habitual management styles of problem solving and directing, into genuine coaching skills that channel the extraordinary potential of our people and our teams.

Coaching Masterclass

A 1 day Masterclass for graduates of the 2 day Coaching Excellence Programme.

Coaching Sales

A 2 day programme that dramatically raises sales performance by transforming salespeople into customers’ mentors.

And the Leader Is…….

A 2 day exploration of authentic leadership whereby leaders connect their passionate personal integrity to the purpose of their corporate role.

Video Call Training and Facilitation

1:1 and group facilitated training and coaching, recognising the modern world of frantic diaries and remote working

Executive Team Development

We design and deliver team interventions that give a quantum leap in team development and effectiveness. This can be through a single intervention, of a 1 or 2 day “offsite” nature, or through a longer term involvement where we play a quasi Non Executive role for the team. 

Executive Coaching

We provide 1:1 Executive Coaching to raise individual executive performance and success. This can be through a short term coaching intervention of just a few sessions, where the need has arisen from a promotion, or where it has been identified from a talent management process, or it can be of a longer term nature, where the seniority of the role demands that the client work long term with a Coach as a given.