Coaching Excellence Programme

Our ‘Coaching Excellence’ programme has  been  transforming  the  leadership  and coaching skills of corporate managers for the past decade – truly changing behaviour. Championed originally by the Academy for Chief Executives, over 3000 managers have now experienced this unique programme, giving an average 85%+ rating for programme effectiveness and exceeding expectations.

The 2 day programme challenges how managers see themselves as coaches and gives them a stark self awareness of their current coaching skills (habits) when under pressure. Managers emerge from the programme with practical tools and triggers that enable them to immediately raise individual and team performance.

The Programme

Day 1    Changing Our Physical Default 

  • Exploding the myths of coaching
  • Unlocking human potential at work
  • Awareness of our leadership habits under pressure

Day 2    Crafting the Skills

  • Using corporate values as practical coaching tools
  • Understanding human psychology and physiology under pressure
  • Transferring knowledge and experience

The programme is tailored to be aligned to the specific needs, values, goals and challenges of each client organisation. It is designed for groups of 8 – 12 managers and run over two days – with a month gap between sessions. Delegates receive 1:1 telephone coaching between sessions to reinforce learning and test new coaching skills.


Cost £845 per place


Day 1      Jan 31st    Day 2      Feb 28th


Day 1      Mar 14th    Day 2      Apr 11th


Day 1      Apr 18th    Day 2      May 16th  


Day 1      May 23rd    Day 2      June 20th


Day 1      June 13th    Day 2      July 11th


Day 1      Sept 12th    Day 2      Oct 10th  


Day 1      Oct 17th    Day 2      Nov 14th


Day 1      Nov 7th    Day 2      Dec 5th  

All programmes take place in Banbury 

To book please ring Lynda on 01295 231321